D.A.N.A. Blood Drive & BBQ

D.A.N.A. First Annual Blood Drive & BBQ

D.A.N.A.’s 1st annual blood drive and BBQ was a great success for the association and those lives that will be saved from the blood donations. We had 23 potential donors, out of the 23 wonderful individuals that tried to donate blood 16 individuals were able to give blood.  Because 3 components may be created from each unit of blood, those 16 individual donations can help save up to 48 lives.  
Thanks to all the donated and those that wanted to donate – see you next year.
In addition, the BBQ with the water slide was a blast not to mention the hamburgers, hot dogs, snowballs, chips, etc.



Please click link above to see even more pictures of the 2019 Blood Drive and BBQ

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